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2000 ZX12 Fuel Injectors

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Forum search revealed very little on the subject. Internet search revealed mostly about replacing injectors for turbo applications.

Are the fuel injectors and o-rings readily available from Kawasaki and/or aftermarket? Anyone have size or part #'s for injector o-rings? Part #'s for injectors? This is my first foray into ZX12 DFI though am experienced on other bikes. Bike is a 2000 ZX12. I'm the original owner.

Guessing weird/bad fuel but fuel pump quit (replaced with a Walbro 242) and now o-ring on #4 injector is leaking. Have not taken apart yet, but a quick perusal through Kawasaki 'fiche shows no service parts for fuel injectors.

Would like to try replacing o-rings first but may just pop for RC Eng injectors while everything is apart. Have had great service with RC's on Corvettes, etc.
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Didn't realise I was such the lurker. Been a member since Oct 2001 and this is my third post!

ZXLNT said:
Its not weired its normal, you wont find parts like that.
One would think that at least individual injectors and o-rings would be available. To get a single o-ring or a replacement injector, Kawasaki requires the purchase of a complete throttle body at $1200.

One cannot even buy the fuel pump separately but must purchase the entire unit for $350. Makes that Walbro GSS242 (190 l/hr) at $80 (http://www.autoperformanceengineering.com/) quite the bargain! Car Quest was the only place I could source the Gates submersible fuel line hose. Goodyear doesn't offer submersible hose.

I'll probably go with slightly larger (330cc or so, haven't done the math yet) RC injectors depending on the physical size of the RC items. Been reading on other sites that the serious drag racers have to clearance the frame for the larger RC injectors (440cc +). Don't know yet if that is required for the smaller injectors closer to OEM sizing. Do know that RC injectors require a different connector from OEM...which may not be a bad thing if Kawasaki will not offer service parts.

Also have seen anecdotal internet reports from other ZX12 owners about race gas and commonly available additives causing OEM pump, injector and injector o-ring failure. I have been running pump gas with no additives other then the occaisional Stabil. In my case, the OEM fuel pump case was split near the relief port but was otherwise pumping fuel...just out the split into the tank instead of to the throttle body.
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shiggsy said:
Why not try sending your injectors off to be cleaned and tested. Alternatively you can have a crack yourself, a small ultrasonic cleaning unit can be had on eBay for about £30.
Depends what I find once the injectors are out. Already know that something has caused an o-ring to fail with fuel spraying out at the fuel injector to throttle body juncture. Don't know if the injectors have been harmed but seems more than conincidence that a fuel pump and o-ring should fail at the same time.

If the o-ring is a commonly available item and the injectors show no damage or corrosion, than the economical path would be to clean the OEM items. If OEM o-rings are not commonly available or the injectors are damaged/corroded, doesn't seem smart to fix now just to have to fix again later. Do know that the race boys like RC items and have had no failures with race fuels. Also depends on the cost of RC injectors. Cleaning and testing is around $25 per plus shipping and down time.

Then there is the logic that if I'm into an area for repairs, might be a good time to upgrade if cost is reasonable and a real gain can be had. Still need to research more, but going up a size or two may push down the injector duty cycle. OEM items may be near capacity in stock tune. RC injectors might have a better spray pattern to be worth the extra effort and cost, especially if the OEM injectors are at fault and Kawasaki offers no service items.

RC injectors do wonders for early ZR1 Corvettes. But anything is better than the corrosion prone pintle injectors not designed for ethanol laced fuel that GM chose to install from the factory. Wondering if it is a similar case with the Y2K ZX12 that I ride?
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