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2002 zx12r Need an ECU! Please

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Hello Everyone, First time posting. I will post a more descriptive update later as Iam going out at the moment and wanted this to be out there in hopes someone has an ecu for a decent price and can ship to me fairly quickly. I'm in Canada FYI. Essentially the story goes. I was roaming online and found a 2002 zx12r, for a great price. Expecting there to be significant work. Anyways, the guy ditched the bike and the tail section got messed up a bit, ( where the ecu is) along with the wiring harness. Anyways right now... Bike was completely black, no power, no lights. I have managed to get the bike powered up, lights come on dash comes on (minus the oil light and fi light) both black. regardless of anything I do. Neutral light works. Here's where it gets interesting. I found both plugs melted from the stator. I have disconnected it completely for now. Stator complete unhooked and rectifier completely unhooked. ( assuming its cooked ) but ill multimeter it later to confirm. So, now, if i turn my key on, dash lights up, fuses are all good. (ECU disconnected). I turn key all is well bike turns over, healthy. If i plug in the ecu, turn on key, lights are dim and large draw on ignition circuit, the large gauge wires (white and brown) are getting hot, ecu is getting hot. Now i know that chances are the ecu is prob f***** but...im also thinking there is another short somewhere in the loom, I just have this gut feeling. I don't want to hook up another ecu and blow it. That's where I'am at atm. I'm using schematics to check the entire loom.. lol. In the meantime I really need another ecu, if anyone has one please message me your price and hopefully we can strike some kind of deal. If anyone has any insight as well Im open to alll

Also, prior to me getting my hands on this bike someone before me has already tried ( double the challenge ) love it. Anyways I also noticed the infamous grey wire was pumping out 12v. So Im gonna do the resistor as well. I just find it strange when i check the ecu with multimeter I don't see any shorts between pins, especially ground.
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