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This bike is a bit twitchy, If you hit a bump at speed it
can tank slap.
I fitted a Ohlins steering damper, major job to fit.
I made the mounting kit myself ( I own a Toolmaking company ).
I bought the damper mail order and guss what, it was faulty
and had very weak damping.
So much for buying the best, has anyone else had a problem
with an Ohlins product ?.
The Dunlop 208 J lasted 2000 easy miles, Dunlop UK or Ireland
Have none. ?
Bridgestone recomend the 012 ( not 012 ss )tyres but none are available !
010's are not recomended.
I am going to fit a set of Pirelli dragon EVO its all I could get.
What tyres ( tires for our USA frends ) are 2002 ZX12 riders out there riding on ?.
I find to take a run around Europe is 4000 miles and the only tyres which would do this run was the 010 Bridgestones because of the dual compound.
This is one fast bike but I am not in tune with it yet.
I loved my green 2000 and still miss it.
I did a lot of fast miles on the old bike.



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Hello Pat

I am also a european Pat!

I am stuck between a lovely secondhand modded grey 00
or a new 02.
Why did you get rid of your 00 for a 'more girly' 02 model - only joking there!!!


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Pat...Please tell me more about your dampner for the 2002. I have been waiting for Muzzys or Scotts to release a damper - but they have yet to complete their projects. If you can do this at a reasonable price and manage to get it to dampen correctly, please advise me.

Maybe you should post this under the ZX-12r forum to get more attention.

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My 2002 has 4500 miles Pirelli evo's work really well and the front does not cup like the 010's.
Expect around 2500 miles to a rear. These tyres are very stable.
I had to get 3 ohlins dampers until I had one that worked.
This gives me a lot more confidence accelerating on a bumpy road. essential for the long 1st gear wheelies this bike is capable of.
I have not seen a good aftermarket fitment for a damper.
The chassis just does not have any convenient mounting
holes, you have to drill which is a big decision on a new bike.
You have to drill to fit a Scott damper.
Biggest suprise with the bike was when I first got it the suspension was almost solid.
But now after a few thousand hard miles the suspension has settled and now its exelent.


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Hey Pat come on over to the regular 12r forum, that's where most of the action is and you'll get quicker responses. Easy tends to use this for board info and announcements. Many don't check it frequently.

And welcome to the best 12 resource anywhere!

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