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I am in Ireland,
Black / Gold 2002 bike.
I did not like the suspension when I first got the bike, it was almost solid.
After a few thousand miles it has settled a lot and now its good.
I reduced the rear spring pre-load 2 turns and have both damping screws fully out.
Front preload is showing 2 rings and damping at medium.
Pirelli evo's, I like these Tyres.
Ohlins damper with my own design mounting, this is an essential mod, more important than a new end can if you ride fast.
Carbon fibre hugger.
I have a set of passinger foot pegs I made up which are much lower than the standard set up.
I put these on when I take a passinger on a long trip, these drop the can a bit and leaves a bit more room for throw-overs.
This bike has a much smoother engine and trans than the 2000 model and the handling is better.
Also the twin rad fans keep the engine cooler in traffic and you can'not hear them.
Fairing trim is a lot tidier.
But the 2000 bike is great.
I still prefer the green.


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I have your Canadian twin

I also have been having problems with suspension. :cry: I ride with my brothers, one of who rides a 01 concours. I could barely keep up in the corners, the front would wander, and pogo. The confidence level was not good. I screwed down the front a little and the front seems to plant a little better. Any knowledge or help would at leaste give me a choice. Adjustable suspension is all new to me, my last bike was a 83 GS 1100 ES. :)
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