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ok guys, i just booked my bike in for thursday for a morning session service (about 3 hours)...what i wanna do is save as much money as possible by doing most things myself before thursday...just recently i did a motorcycle mechanics course that taught me all the basics and a few more advanced things...

so, what things do they do in the 6,000km that i can do beforehand myself (my bike is 2 years old with obviously just 6,000km on it)?

the list of things that i can do:

-oil filter & oil (done about 1,500km ago with normal oil but i'm thinking it's time to go synthetic)
-radiator coolant (done very recently)
-chain adjustment & lubrication
-clutch cable and throttle cable adjustments
-all brake adjustments (including brake pad and fluid changes)
-adjustments of suspension
-suspension linkage bearings greased
-lights/indicators checks, etc
-air filter stuff

things i know NOTHING about:

-front forks oil change (or whatever they do)
-fuel injection/electrical system stuff (i don't have any of the expensive tools and nor would i touch any of it on a $20,000AUS bike)

the lists are probably longer but i can't remember anything else for now...

so, any tips people?

should i approach the service in either

a) get a list of all the stuff they do and cross off the stuff i can do, etc


b) just make a list of the stuff i want them to do and that's it (and hopefully not forget anything)

any help please! thanks! :)

also, here is a list of the relevant modifications that might affect the servicing (or maybe not, still worth mentioning):

-bmc air filter
-remus exhaust

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sweet! i talked to the mechanic yesterday about it and he said i know pretty much most of it...so he says it would only take him one hour or so of labour to do 2 things:

1) adjust thottle bodies or something (he said i would need a very very expensive tool to do it so it wasn't worth me doing it - not sure if it's throttle bodies or something similar, i can't remember the name exactly)


2) make sure there are no errors with the fuel injection (which i checked up in the manual and i believe i can get the FI light to display any error codes by grounding some wire)...

so, what is that really all that is needed? i REALLY don't want to miss anything.....
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