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Went to the dealer today to get the color code for the
gears for my black 2002.got them but it goes like this:

1 : GR is it green or grey
n : LG this is light green
2 : G/BL ???????????
3 : G/Y ???????????
4 : G ????????
5 : G/W ?????????
6 : G/BK ?????????

This is from the ecu side.But the only one I can find is the neutral one.I have a led hooked up to the ground
and trying to get it to light by changing the gears but it doesnt work.
What am I doing wrong ?
can somebody tell me the real color of the wires for the gears of a 2002 whitout abreviation please !
And the way to hook it up cause I am obviously doing
something wrong.
I tought this was and easy task but I am really confused now.


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I don't have the time to get into a detailed explanation this morning but there are several things wrong.

First, the abbreviations are simple. For example: G/BK = green/black.

Second, the gear indicator is a grounding switch. If you are attaching a ground to the led, then nothing is going to happen. You need to attach a hot wire to the led, not a ground.

Third, you need a zener diode to prevent ground "float" through the wires. If not, then the led will be on all the time. Sometimes bright, sometimes dim, but always on.

Fourth, it is a good idea to put another zener diode on to prevent power from bleeding back into the ECU as well.

There are several threads from myself and from Boostable on how to hook this up. Just look back through the archives. It will give deatils on how to do it. Good luck.


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I've looked it up in the servicemanual and here is wat it says:

Seen from the ecu......

position wire color A1 model A2 model
neutral light green 20 20
1 st green/red 65 47
2 nd green/blue 57 53
3 rd green/yellow 66 60
4 th green 58 46
5 th green/white 67 52
6 th green black 68 59

Negative is the engine ground
On the back-side of your cillinders you've got 3 connectors (underneath your fueltank). When you sit on your bike.....the first connector is the most left one (when you look down under your tank on the left side)

position color

neutral light green
1st blue/red
2nd light blue
3rd red
4th blue
5th green/red
6th yellow/green

Let me know if these are correct. i've got the manual for the 00/01 models. i also got an 02.

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