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Guy's and Girl's,
It's 11 September here, I wasn't going to post anything till tomorrow but here goes anyway.
I know I'm not American and I don't want to upset anyone, but I'm having alot of trouble with this deliberate, cowardly act. The intense media attention has brought it all back and it seems even worse this time around.
My wife and I have shed many a tear while watching/reading, the many stories that have surfaced since that awful day.
I know some of you lost friends and family on 9/11 and to you I offer my heartfelt sympathy.
Thats all I want to say.
Tomorrow I will be riding with you.


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Thanks Paul for your kind words. My tears dried up along time ago on this matter and now I want to bomb those SOB's back to the stone age... but we all know..... that would be an improvement. I surely think that if you keep provoking a mighty peaceful beast.... sooner or later you will get your ass bit.


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