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I am adjusting the valve clearance on my 97 KLX300R. I cannot get a feeler under the cam lobes and with the timing chain off the cams will not turn easily with the cover tightened down. I assume that is because even though the cams are both positioned to close the valves, the valves are slightly open all the time and putting spring pressure on the cams. I therefore have no idea what the actual shim size will need to be without a lot of trial and error, requiring multiple hour long trips to the parts department.
Here's my idea: remove the shims and measure the clearance without them to determine what I need. To do this, I need to know the depth of the little pocket on top of the valve that holds the shim in place.
Anybody happen to know the depth of the valve shim pocket on top of the valve ends on a 97 KLX300R?
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