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A lifetime oil filter?

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I read about a new lifetime oil filter but can't locate the site? Can someone tell me where it is? Thanks..FB

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Been using my Scotts filter for over a year now and it works great. Oh my god, it does actually take another five minutes to clean and reassemble the filter...please! It gives you the chance to let ALL the oil drain from your 12 and also inspect the filter for tiny debris and shavings that might go otherwise unnoticed. A good way to pick up on early bearing failure or worse! As for the o-ring, no wear and no tears noticed after seven oil changes. I change my oil every thousand miles so my filter has almost paid for itself in one year.
Waazzzz uuuup?

I've been here. Just didn't login for a while. Been working on getting my street R1 up to speed (many mods) and putting my new R1 racebike together. Don't worry bro, I am still madly in love with my 12. Got her back from the dealer after the wiring harness transplant. I missed her so much while she was gone (3 weeks in the shop) I haven't touched the R1's since.

1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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