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A question impossible to answer

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Ram air effect on horsepower. Say the Dyno say's your doing 160 hp and 93 ft lbs of torque, What the dyno can't measure is Ram Air effect. With more air comming down snorkle more fuel is being delivered automaticaly by ECU.

More Air+Fuel = More Horspower

If in fact you gain 14 hp with pipe and PC3 how much more is that than stock when you bring ram air into arena? and how in the hell can you tune a PC3 proper without just running it rich on top side of RPM's to adjust for RAM AIR?

If you gain 14 HP on Dyno. In truth with more air forced down it's throat. Could really be 25 hp?

If you add NOS and get 213 on dyno what is the true Horspower with RAM AIR?

Where's that Phyisic's guy when ya need him. Has to be a forumla for this?

If Jessie Jame's had a ZX12R I'd ride with him.

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Here is what someone needs to do to get the answer. First, do a normal dyno run to get a baseline reading. Then, get a leaf blower that will blow 180 MPH. I saw one at Home Depot yesterday that advertises 180 MPH. Now, take the end of the leaf blower and duct tape it to the ram air opening to the point where it is completely airtight at the connection and there is no blow by. This should pressurize the airbox with the effect you arte looking for. The reason leaf blowers just pointed at the intake don't do much good is the blow by around the intake. In the real world, 180 mph air is force fed through the ram air intake but when you just point a blower at the intake, it has little effect unless it is completely sealed around the opening.

When doing this though, I would start the blower out at somewhat less than full power until the bike starts to climb up the RPM range. Then as the RPMs rise, increase the speed of the blower. This way, the air/fuel won't be so screwey at low RPMs. But I think this would give a true reading of just how much the ram air adds at speed.

Hey 238,

Have you seen the Hayabusa Formula One racer? Its made by Suzuki, weighs 950 lbs, has 175 hp, costs $25,000. Its not as fast as that monster you built but was pretty interesting.

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