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Aftermarket computer thingy???

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At a independant shop here in Dallas ( cyclewerks ) one of the guys told me about a plug in (inline w.ecu ) componant that will make my bike pull harder and increase hp, all for $129.95. curious, I ask to see what he had and was handed a small bag, unlabled and no #'s on it, w. small black box and pigtail coming out of it. Now, he said it pluged inline w/ the ECU and " tricks it ( ECU ) into thinking the bike is always in 2nd gear, making up for fuel curve, etc... My question in all of this is , ANYONE else know what the heck that was or ?????
I played it cool and said I wasnt buying today but that I would be back to put the bike on his dyno. ( maybe get him to show me what it does on the dyno? )

More to follow...


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