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Akropovic Surging

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My bike runs great with my Akropovic pipe but I did notice some mild surging around 3 to 4K or so. Anyone else notice this? Ive got a PC3R that I havent installed yet that I hope will solve the problem. Have any of you guys had a dyno before and after with the pipe and then with the PC? What results.

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Nope....Not just you!!!!

I installed the Akropovic exhaust and had the same issue. It did not feel really bad but at Highway speed, it would just kind of rock ya a hair back and forth. I did not have any idle hunt problems either!!!

I installed the PCIII with the map provided by Dyno Jet for the pipe and it did not solve this issue. I installed a copy of Harry's map that he had custom made for his bike...the surging stopped, I had a nice power curve and gained a couple ponies as well. All is good now.

I am not sure if easy has this map on his site, but when you install the PCIII and ya want to try out the map that I am using, just e-mail me at

[email protected]

I'll send it to ya!!!

"If you can't beat em', buy a faster bike!"</p>
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Hey Wardwg,

E-mail your address to me!!!


If you need any assistance, just e-mail me and I'll give ya my phone number,

"If you can't beat em', buy a faster bike!"</p>
I am not really sure Easy. I can e-mail it to you so that you can take a look. Harry has the same mods as I do. He took his bike to a fine tuner and had the map adjusted for max HP on his bike. He let me have a copy of his map.

At Deals Gap last year Harry and I put our bikes on the Dyno. We were the top two in HP out of about 10-12 bikes(ZX12R's). If I remember correctly Harry was at 181hp (Somewhere close to that) and I was at 179hp. The only differences in our bikes were that he had K&N filters and I did not.

I'll e-mail the list of mods that are on my bike when I send ya the map.

"If you can't beat em', buy a faster bike!"</p>
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