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Bike project had to stop,was going to be over 400hp, no bar, all for sale, 1997 zx 11
lightened,balanced,polished stock crank--600
mcintosh arm, 68-75 in, never mounted-----600
ohlins shock,never mounted-----------------500
r&d trans, billet 2nd-NEVER USED------------500
mr turbo efi conversion kit complete,
alcohol fuel injected--NEVER USED----------2800
kit goes for 6000 new
carillo rods balanced by falicon-----------600
titled frame modified by mcintosh----------500
billet basket----------------------------------500
stock inner
lock up,spacer-------------------------------125
new rc comp rims--for the pair-triton-----600

lots of other misc parts, call or text for best response, not on here often.. 201 852 0057
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