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Been lurking these forums for a while decided to finally hop on board.
Gonna be detailing my 12R build here.
Bought the bike off a guy who took it from his old man after he low sided it. Payed a very good price considering low mileage for this model bike (26.5k at the time), and it was pretty much just cosmetic, underneath all that 20 year old grease and grime was a pristine motor:giggle:. Bike had a few things that needed to be done of the bat from what I saw/felt : the notorious valve cover leak, steering stem bearings were done, rear brake was seized, rear sprocket had no cush drive dampeners etc. Essentially basic maintenance.
So I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do with the bike, speed and power wise im not concerned with HP, I just want to record 200mph at some point GPS, not indicated. Ideally N/A stock displacement, however if need be ill throw in a nitrous kit.
Planning on swapping in radial forks from 05/06 rebuilding with ktech innards and throwing on a set of brembos, and of course keeping the 320mm disc. Although first I want to set up what it has for my weight and get a good understanding of what to feel for before I buy something I have no idea how to adjust.
Forged wheels are planned down the line as well as replacing all those cheap gray plastic bits on the bike like the intake tray and side covers with some nice carbon ones🤤

The bike as I received it
View attachment 17256
View attachment 17258

First thing done was throwing out the bent rear subframe with a straight one, not to mention cleaning off all that decades old dust
View attachment 17259
View attachment 17260

Next up was the rear caliper; fresh Double H pads, a rebuild kit with new pistons, seals, RBF660, and replacement of the master cylinder got that sorted
View attachment 17261

Next up was the sprockets, Dampers, and chain. A major scrubing was due of course, supersprox front and rear with an EK Z3D chain to finish it off.
View attachment 17262
View attachment 17263 View attachment 17264

The original snapped mirror and guage bracket was swapped out for a generic oem replacement bracket
View attachment 17265
View attachment 17266

Next it was time to catch up on some long overdue maintenance. I was surprised to find that someone had in fact at one point replaced the sparkplugs. In any case I took the opportunity to do everything I touched fresh; new valve cover gasket, block off plates, 300V, Hiflo 204 Race filter, replaced head bearings with upgraded tapered roller bearings, new exhaust, light coat of paint on the tripple to reverse some of the aging, fresh coolant (distilled water and water wetter), and gold insulating tape to reflect some heat from the airbox and some of the coolant pipes topped it off. Cont....
Looks like a B model so there’s no way it’s 20 year old grease
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