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Anyone looking for a full Muzzy - possible trade scenario...

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I've got a full Muzzy stainless / CF can that I would like to sell. However, I have an idea that I think might work out just as well, involving a kind of "trade"...

Up here in the great white North (yes, where all the hosers live), with taxes, duty, exchange, etc, we pretty much get raped on after-market parts. A typical example - a D&D black satin slip-on retail price down there: $379.00. The identical slip-on retails for $729.00 up here. Yes, that's damn near double.

So here is what I propose: instead of selling my full system, I would like to "trade" it for a new D&D black satin slip-on - D&D part # 997-12B. I checked with D&D today, and they have lots of these in stock, retailing at $379.00 USD. If the potential "trader" could get the slip-on for less than that, all the power to him/her, as it then becomes an even better deal. I would also like the slip-on shipped to me in it's original, un-opened box via US Post Air (no $40.00 border crossing fee like those idiots at UPS...) and I would like it declared as a gift for the customs paperwork, that way I will pay no duty or taxes when it gets here. Upon receipt of the new slip-on in it's un-opened box, I will ship my full Muzzy system to the "trader" in the same fashion, as to avoid any extra costs going the other way...

Any interested "traders", or anyone with any questions, please email me at [email protected]



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sounds like someone is about to be "HOSED" by "hoser",,,,,,,

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