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Temps are dropping and it's raining most days now so time for a winter

Previous owner of my 2002 B1-H took the stock clips off , drilled the top yoke ,bolted on risers then installed raised handlebars on. I've decided I'm not keen on this set up any more and want to get it back to original spec.

So if you have the clips and possibly the top triple yoke gathering dust and want to sell or trade them for a raised handle bar kit let me know. Would prefer "blighty" parts but if you are sure they will fit would consider rest of
the world.

Please see attached file for diagram.

44039 1324 HOLDER-FORK UPPER 1 off

46003-1523 HANDLE,LH 1 off

46003-1550 HANDLE,RH 1 off

921531440 BOLT,SOCKET,10X37 2 off

46019-1095 GRIP-ASSY,THROTTLE 1 off

46075-1144 GRIP,LH 1 off




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