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BAM!!! BMC Filter Questions

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OK, got the BMC's and slappin' them in. A couple of quick questions...

1) Looks like one side of the filters has a softer "sealing" edge. Does this go to the front of the bike?

2) Filters come "pre oiled", I'm guessing that its fine to slap em in right out of the package?

3) The go in pretty easily. Got the edges greased up good, but still worrying about them sealing good. Any thoughts or experiences here?

They look like they'll flow a bunch more air than the stockers, BTW. Any help on my questions is greatly appreciated.

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if memory serves me correctly i rotated them last cleaning.6 month's on and nothin has past by them.
just your basic pests in the filters to pick out.
i never grease mine,cuz they fit so good & i service regularly.last i heard they were good for 2h.p over stocks.definatly a good investment.the stock filters suck.

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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