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Blackhills/somewhat report???????

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Just got home!!

Friday; skeeter, kawiracer, blitz,mal, denver, okd, and myself. I showed up by noon, so I got some riden in. The rest showed up later, set up and got ready for Saturday. Mal, found that he had no clip on his master, and OKD had just plum wore his tire out by the time he got there. A trip to Rapid in the morning was in store.

Saturday; weather was foggy and overcast in the morning, but we all ran into town except blitz. The guys at the Kawi shop treated us well. OKD paid to much for his tire, but had to have it. Made it back to camp by a little after 10:00a.m. Ended up putting on about 120 miles that afternoon. Doesn't sound like much, but most of it was in 2nd and 3rd gear. Nice roads and not much traffic. On the way back to camp, a couple of us got seperated. Needless to say Skeeter, that wild man, got pulled over, but through his begging. pleading and giving up names <img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/roll.gif ALT=":rollin"> was able to get out of it. More to come out of this story!!!

Sunday; I trailered up to Sturgis with all good intensions of meeting them in Deadwood for the ride to Devils Tower. Nice in Keystone, total crap at the north end of the hills. Didn't feel like ride'n in the rain again!! More on that story I'm sure. Couldn't say if they made the ride or not, I filled my coffee cup and headed north. 385 miles of the same weather!! Rain and wind.

Skeeter, kawiracer, and OKD where headed home today, so that left the Colorado boys there till tuesday. There will be more stories!!!!!

Let up for a second, and that's where you finish!!</p>
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Skeeter; The weather was crap when I got to Sturgis. Didn't fell like ride'n in the rain again.

P.S. You where The only one pulled over as far as I know!! <img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/roll.gif ALT=":rollin"> Not to say you where the one they where look'in for, just the easiest to catch<img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/roll.gif ALT=":rollin">

Let up for a second, and that's where you finish!!</p>
Can't beleive you rode the 800 miles in one day? Well maybe I can. ??? Did the Colorado boys make the Tower run??? I drug the bike to Sturgis, and it didn't even get out of the trailer. After getting caught in the storm the night before, just didn't feel like ride'n in the rain.

Let up for a second, and that's where you finish!!</p>
Good to see you guys made it home in one piece. My apologies for making the run for home. Actually made it all the way up to Belle Fourche before 8:00 a.m. Waited for Kawiman to ride by on his way to Deadwood hoping to catch him to let you guys know. Did the weather turn for you guys??? The lady in the gas station couldn't give me a definitive answer outside of chance of rain and 30 mph winds. It was a good time even with the questionable weather and the law breathing down our necks courteously of the SKEETER.

Let up for a second, and that's where you finish!!</p>
That's kawracer's. Maybe he will come along and add to his post record!! Jump from 18 to 19.<img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/laugh.gif ALT=":lol"> I thought it was kool. Had it lowered with muzzy links, wheels and swing arm completely polished with no valve stem showing, Hyper-pro steering dampner, painted in that fine primer gray just so he could get to the hills. Had the wind screen primered also.

Kawiman: just took the boy out for his first ride with a clutch and transmission. Dad had a couple of beers, and Ian did quite well. First thing he asked when he got off was if he was throwing roosters up when he got on it.

Let up for a second, and that's where you finish!!</p>
Just got some photo's back!!

First and second one is of us back at camp listening to skeeter explain how he almost brought the law back to camp with him. Tried to get him to do a mug profile shot, but would have nothing to do with it. Third one is of me and non- related 96 RGV sp. 1 of 5 in the US

I hope you guys don't mind!! I toiled over this thing all winter long. Had to do alot of derestricting to make it perform.

Let up for a second, and that's where you finish!!</p>
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In the first pic, Blitz is sitting on the left of Mad Mal. OKD is the one standing, smiling, and admiring Skeeter for taking the heat off him. Skeeter is now on OKD's Christmas card list.

Let up for a second, and that's where you finish!!</p>
Blitz;that comment about, Hey I'm looking for the guy on the GREEN bike that went flying by me made my day. <img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/laugh.gif ALT=":lol"> <img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/laugh.gif ALT=":lol">

Kawracer; even with a new paint job, I think the NINJA squibbled in black marker has got to stay.

Let up for a second, and that's where you finish!!</p>
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