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Bike only has 9500 miles on it, parts have been on for about 5000 miles/10 years, bike sits in the garage so there is no weather damage. Both the Ninja and Repsol will be up for sale this year.

The parts are coming from a 2004 B3

I will be willing to knock some off the price, if you can send me your stock parts.

Akrapovic Titanium exhaust, no dings, dents, broken springs, nothing wrong with it. $850 shipped

GSG Frame sliders, bike was never downed so these are in mint condition. $450 shipped

Hyperpro steering damper, works as it should, no leaks, the anodized finish has no fade or scratches. $600 shipped

RidgeRacer Modded ECU (raised rpm to 12500, 4' timing advance, torque limit removed, speed limit removed) - $350 shipped
(drop $150 if you send me your stock 04, 05 ecu)

Power commander 3 (custom tuned for all the above mods, although tune wont be of much use if you dont have the the ecu mod and exhaust) - 200 shipped

BMC air filters $100 shipped

Healtech speedo healer (my best try of 155 mph saved for you, lol) - $80 shipped

Feel free to text me at 857-302-2640




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