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Sept. 8 and 9 will be the first drag races at Califonia speedways new dragstrip. It seems like the majority of people brave enough to dragrace a ZX12R or Hayabusa are all back East or in the midwest. Hopefully Im not the only Big bike out at the inaugural race. Lets get some bikes out their and let this track know that the california boys are serious too. For more info contact www.californiaspeedway.com


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California Speedway

9300 Cherry Ave in Fontana

Take I10 to Cherry Ave just east of I15, then go North 1 mile

Street Legal Drags

Registration, License and proof on ins

18yo or 16yo with consent

No trailering, fluid leaks or exhaust that exceeds 100dB at 100'. Cutoff switch, leather jacket, boots, full face and gloves.

$10 entry, $10 to race

The winter and summer schedule does not appear to be available.

This format reminds me of Pomona Dragstrip just to the West. $10 to run or watch with the same rules. I couldn't get the old ZX11 under 11.50 129MPH cause I wouldn't slip the clutch out of the hole. Just popped it at 6K.

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