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Hi all frustrated GTR owners with oil leaking camshaft sensor. I replaced O rings twice, 1 aftermarket, 1 OEM, still leaked Checked everything above sensor, clean as a whistle. Cleaned up oil, everything bone dry and clean, ran bike up to temp about 3 times and noticed oil sweating from the camshaft sensor itself. It was leaking from the top of the sensor where the small block housing that the cables go into the sensor ( I know it is 1 unit but if you look real close you can see a join in the manufacturing process) Replaced sensor, no leaks since. I believe it is rare, but can and did happen. I found the quickest way to get to it is after the side covers are removed, unbolt the radiator (NOT THE HOSES), let it lean towards the front guard, remove the right hand side thermo fan and you can get big hands in there. I have got it down to a 1 hour job. Hope this helps someone, and good luck.
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