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Carb Question

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I'm having trouble using the search function as I'm new to the forum. Thanks for all the info, by the way. Awesome forum. Anyway, to quickly summarize my situation, I have a 94 ZX11 that has been sitting for almost 7 years and I'm in the process of getting it running again. I was rebuilding the carburetor and I noticed the main jets it has in it are 145's, all 4 of them. The book says it's supposed to have 160's and 158's. The bike was from Maryland (low altitude) but now it's in San Diego. How the heck would 145 main jets get into this carburetor? If anything, I would think much larger jets would have been in it because it has bored cylinders, big pistons, air filter, and a full pipe. It also had a nitrous setup on it but has since been removed.

Can someone get me in the ballpark of what size jets I need for this bike? I know I should start from stock but I figured it was a waste of money considering.
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Leaned out for more power possibly...it's not a stock motor so who knows what they were doing.

Best case would be to have it tuned by a shop if you don't have the proper equipment. The motor ain't stock anymore, so the stock jets won't be the right fuel/air mix.

My $0.02

Go back to factory settings and start from there; rich mixture will not hurt the engine and lean will.I assume that you have a Carb Synchronizer if so, do the job and see what happens.Use new plugs and replace the Ignition Wires with a Nology High Performance Set; I did on mine, and gained 40% fuel mileage.
I also installed an APE Cam Chain Adjuster; check and adjust the valves if needed. Check my profile and you'll see the upgrades to my bike and pictures.
go to this link The Kawasaki ZZ-R 1100 / ZX-11 / ZX-12R Ninja Repository you will love this web site.
click on zx11
click on articles
click on fine tuning
he is using 136 main jet

maybe what you read was wrong. anyway you will like this site.
here is dynojet jet kit which should be bigger then stock and its a 144 0r 150
First of all, thank you everyone for the responses. I'm still a little confused about going down in jets when you're sucking more air but I guess I'll trust Dynojet. For now, I'm going to finish the rebuild (just got the kit in the mail today) and keep the 145s in it. Reading through the Dynojet instructions, I figured out it must have a kit in it because the auxiliary hole is drilled into the slide. I'll definitely synch the carb when I get it running. The electrical work is a rats nest right now. It had a Dyna ignition on it but I only have the stock now. I think I might go ahead and spend the money to get the whole set up again (box, coils, and wires). They sell them for around $500 on eBay. Not before I finish the fuel system though. I'll post a few pics to show you guys what I'm working with.

Thanks again,

Did I mention the bike caught on fire when it was at the track?

Photo2 - Some awesome green fuel
Photo3 - What's left of the tank pad
Photo4 - Toasty wires on the float sensor
Photo5 - The nastiest fuel float you'll ever see
Photo6 - Apparently, this was supposed to be a fuel filter

And that kids, is why you never let a bike sit for 7 years (or catch on fire).


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looks like you have a lot more to worry about then jets. go back to dynojet site for jets the link i sent you was for high altitude but even though i think 145 is fine
Yeah, I noticed that on the site. The regular ones are still 150 to 160s though, which are still lower than stock (158 & 160s).
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