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Hi all,

I ride a 98 zx-9r (Italian model, i.e. 105 kW).

From a gas exhaust analysis, I have got the following results:

rpm&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp HC&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp CO&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp CO2&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Nox&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp O2

1000&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 1100&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 5&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 6.9&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 1.14&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 7.15

2000&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 434&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 5.17&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 10.8&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 0.94&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 2.52

5000&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 249&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 4.95&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 11.8&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 0.89&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 0.93

HC are in ppm

CO,CO2,NOx,O2 are in %

Test condition: 13° C, 70 % humidity.

I suspect something is not going the right way in the fuel combustion (it looks like there is an excess of fuel).

I couldn't find the official spec for my bike, could you please point me in the right direction?

The bike seems to run fine performance-wise, on a low traffic road the fuel comsumption is about 16 / 17 km per litre (120 km/h on average).

Please let me know something, before I go to a mechanic to adjust the carburettors :-(.

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