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Chain slack with stretched swing arm

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I've tried doing some searching but having found an answer. I have a 2015 zx14r with a 12in stretched swing arm and was wondering if I still follow the regular procedure of moving the chain up and down and measure the distance between the up and down movement off the swing arm on a rear stand or if I gotta do anything special since it's stretched? Also do I still adjust it to the 1.0~1.2in?
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with my 12" stretched zx14, i have to set the chain to be as tight as a guitar string, otherwise it flops around and beats up the bottom of the swingarm badly. tbf, i've got hundreds of runs on it and the countershaft seal doesn't leak so much as a sweat: indicating that the countershaft bearings are handling that extreme chain tension well. this year i'm adding a chain roller to the underside of the swingarm, is as somewhat common with pro street bikes, fwiw.
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