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Im looking for a cheap bike for the woman. Afraid to spend alot incase she lays it down on the rocks. Maybe an older zx-11 or something. Im in maryland if anyone knows of any cheap bikes for sale let me know.


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Girl Bike?

Dude...that's clever. However, if you are just looking to get out of the relationship, how about a nice dinner in a public place, or fake your own death instead of leading her to hers. I can hear it now, "sure baby...just give the throttle a quick twist...you'll be fine."

Seriously though, I've known of two different women who have ridden the litre sportbikes...one on a Blackbird and one on a 2000 ZX11. They both complained about the weight. One ended up on a 750 Shadow Sabre and loved it, and the other a CBR F4i and loved it.

Good luck!
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