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Cherbm3 "01" ZX-12R Rebuild in Process...

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Akro/Full Race System, Ti Canister.
K&N Air Filters (Kleen Air still on)
Muzzy Fan upgrade
PC3r w/DynoJet's Std map/ZX12r(01) [email protected]/San Rafael, for custom map soon.
Scott's Steering Damper
ZeroGravity Medium-Smoke windscreen
PassportEscort 8500 Detector
StemStand for Detector
Corbin Saddle (Carbon-Fiber/Ghost-welt)
CF-Tankplate and Rear Hugger
Factory plastic-rear fender/mud flap cut off!(trimmed off neatly)
Polished wheels (Black paint remains on spokes & center) - See "Stentman's procedure"

*CFRR Mirrors from Magical Racing
*Flush-Mount front turn signals
*Muzzy Clutch Kit w/Falicon (sp?) Billet Clutchbasket
*Ohlins Rear Shock and Fork-Spring Kit w/Gold Valve upgrade
*Polish swingarm
*Stainless braided brake lines
*Perhaps an Undertail Kit
R.I.P. - Binned the 12R on 6/30/02.


Frame and Sub frame ordered, orig eng/sw-arm install on 9/28
Fairings going on approx. 10/02, Color undecided, poss custom
Custom wheels, Metzler skins
Zero Gravity (Dk-Smoke) not ordered yet.
Stay tuned....

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Magical Racing

are they still around? I am looking for carbon for my zx12.
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