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Feels like my clutch is occassionally slipping in 1st gear. Not sure if this is traction control kicking in or if its actually slipping though. Was riding with my wife on the back yesterday, and at one point it was really loud and vibrated like it was gears slipping. Seems to happen more often when I have traction control engaged, but even when it is turned completely off, it still happens occassionally. Whenever I have my bike serviced at the dealer they report back no issues and test ride ok. I typically use only my index finger to clutch and wondering if maybe I am using too much gas as I accelerate out of first? I have tried using less but then I have a tendency to stall. I would say it happens one out of every 20 times I accelerate from a stop and is more frequent when the bike is hot (currently riding in 110+ deg temps right now in Southern Nevada). Also, I rev-match to downshift brake pretty often and am worried this technique is being done incorrectly and is wearing out my clutch.

Any advice/insight?

Thanks in advance!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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