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Collecting Data

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First, thanks for this board!!!!!!!!!

I raise my whiskey glass to the creator!

ZX [email protected]#ING 9R

I am in the process of collecting data. Here's what I am doing. Don't know about you, but I am sick of spending my money based on conjecture and internet websites. My mission is simple, purchase the available "off the shelf" equipment install, evaluate and see how it performs. For the average Joe, this is, and still is an expensive adventure. Thanks to lots of squids, good equipment is available on ebay to make this study possible.

I am most interested in the best all around ZX9R setup.

My immediate mission is to solve the pipe/jet kit question for the AVERAGE Joe on a ZX9 .


Good question. I think average is the guy that is willing to plunk down his hard earned $1K on pipe/jet kit. For now my working assumption is that we are dealing with stock motors. By stock I mean stock, you have not taken the bike back to have the dealer adjust the cams to factory specs etc. I live in south Alabama so temperature and humidity changes will play a factor in this evaluation.

Here's what I have:

- 99 ZX9R. 127 HP Stock

- Three independent sets of jetted carbs: Stock, Ivan's, Muzzys.

- Two Pipes: Stock, and Muzzy Ti Full

Here's what I need:

- Dynojet equipped carbs

- Full Exhaust: D&D, M4 , Hindle

- 6 months(max) to return the above equipment to the lendor.

This is a huge endeavor in my book. Any suggestions on how to run this test and keep it "fair"( nothing is fair) are welcome. The resultant data will be available at my discretion. This data could be misinterpreted by the uninformed...................

if you can help out or have suggestions on how to construct this test(s)

Once again. Thanks for this board.


[email protected]

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