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For sale: Excellent Condition only $349.00, New was $549.00 for both front and rear seat.

Front black saddle: Corbin's black leather rider seat offers improved ergonomics that gives proper weight distribution. This sculpted seating area fits the shape of your body and helps to eliminate hot spots and the centralized pressure you feel from the stock unit. The platform has been neutralized to curb sliding towards the tank under braking which also helps to reduce fatigue. All this comfort is wrapped up in a package that fits perfectly to the bodywork of the bike for an integrated look and clean visual appearance.

Rear black saddle: For your passenger Corbin also designed an ergonomically correct leather seat for touring class support. Wide sculpted seating provides a contact patch of more than 120 square inches so your passenger can rack up the mileage with you in comfort. Rear seat has a hole in the back to add a backrest.

Dave 330.5.seven.5.2.eight.4.eight

I have other options:
* I have a like new rear top case with backrest.
*2 Brothers carbon fiber muffler and Power Commander
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