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Boy was I surprised when I first rode here in South Africa.

I got on the KMSA, Bear engineering prepared stock ZX12R, and couldn't even pull the front wheel off the ground.

Pierre called me previous to me arriving and asked me how to prepare the bike, and I gave hime my exact setup from my 12, got here and it would not even leave the starting line without falling on its face.

You see when I was told how fast stock 12's went here in SA,(10.50's) I thought that they were either short on traction or the guys did not know how to ride them.

Boy was I wrong:

I did not realize that it was like riding in Denver colorado's Bandimere Raceway, the adjusted altitude here is 6500 ft above sea level.

My first pass was a 10.50 @ 223 kph(139 mph)

After changing the gearing several times, I ended up using 16-50 gearing to go 10.24 @ 226KPH (141mph).

The bike is 7 tenths slower than I would go home, I was dissapointed, but every one else thought that was spectacular.

They had never seen a production bike run that fast @ Tarlton International raceway, and they showed their appreciation as i was coming back down the reutrn road, by giving me a standing ovation.

I've never felt more appreciated !!!!!!!!!




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what did you do on the other 12??

the one w/motor,arm, etc.

or are you guys not telling!?!?!?

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