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Reference your post in the later part of march. (I just started reading this forum) When you took both of your 2002 bikes to the track, pretty much mostly stock, I have a couple questions.

I had a stock 98 zx9r I got to run 10.19's at 135 at Gainesville. I am getting a blue 2002 zx12r next week. I plan on taking it to the track bone stock except for strapping it and lowering it. When you took your bikes, what coolant temp were they around when you were on the line? And what type of procedures did you use reference a burn out if you did one? Did you really heat up the tires or just clean them off with a slight spin? And then a couple of dry hops? Also what rpm abouts on the stock bikes are you launching at? Of course I'm sure you are feathering the clutch. Also, did you have your mirrors and front blinkers on the bikes. I never lowered or strapped my zx9r and bone stock, the best 60ft was a 1.78, usually more like 1.85-1.9's...I weigh about 160lbs without gear. I seen in a later post, you picked up 13rwhp with a muzzy exhaust. Maybe I missed it but I didn't see any more posts reference these bikes. What mods did you do and how did they help performance?

I am also interested in your drag racing school, how many times a year is it, where is it located? etc...website??

thanks, damon carter

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