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Hello Everyone,
I'm a new rider and got myself a 1995 Vulcan EN500. Yesterday I attempted to start her up in an attempt to prepare her for storage, she did not want to start. She cranks good, but the engine refuses to start. When I tested it prior to buying it started right up (it was cold).
Two weeks ago I moved it into the garage. She started hard...but in the end got her to start. I moved it around the yard and turned it of after getting to the oil to about 30C. When I later moved her inside the garage she started almost instantly (engine was still hot).
Yesterday I fueled her up via cannister and attempted to start her up to empty the carbs. No dice. I took the battery inside for the night and had it on a charger all day.
This evening I attempted again with the battery full. Again no dice. It was not moved between last start and now (maybe rocked..but not rolled)
I checked as follows:
  • Fuel pepcock is ON (attempted on RES also). While I crank it smells of fuel, so I know there is fuel in the engine.
  • Choke out fully.
  • Fuses are all good (all 4 in the box + the main 30A one)
  • Attempted with full throttle, thinking it may have flooded somehow.
  • Checked the air intake and it looks free.

The only 2 things that come to mind are:
  • I installed a phone charger, this would affect maybe the battery (fuses are good).
  • I wiped the engine using a cloth and I accidentally bumped the idle screw.
With these in mind, I disconnected the charger (but i had it's personal fuse removed..so it shouldn't have any importance). I screwed the idle screw in a bit...a quater turn.
Also after alot of headaches I just screwed it in as much as I could. I attempted to screw it fully out and then put it in 2 turns (I understand this is facotry standard), but it feels like it's doing nothing... I also tried to start it with a bit of throttle applied (basically holdin a manual idle)
I did not check the spark in any way since I do not have a sparkplug rench and the spark boots cannot be taken out without removing the tank (no space...or I'm blind).
Any ideas?

Best Regards.
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