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Cycle Concepts has acquired distributor status with Crower Manufacturing, and will be promoting and distributing Crower connecting rods. For those not familiar with Crower products, they have been in business for over thirty years, and are the largest manufacturer of sport-compact rods in the country. They have now decided to move into the growing motorcycle industry, and plan to invest heavily into this market, including eventual contingency sponsorship.

No longer will the motorcycle industry be limited to just the one style of rods offered by other companies. Crower manufactures a wide variety of styles, materials, strengths, and weights in their connecting rod line.

We currently have in stock tapered I-beam style, standard-weight 4340 steel rods for the Hayabusa, as well as for the oil-cooled and air-cooled GSXR. Jobber price is $711 per set of four, but we will be offering an introductory special of $699 a set, freight pre-paid.

ZX-12 rods, as well as top-bolt stroker rods will be arriving later in the season. Also, severe duty rods, with larger bolts and beefed-up beams and caps, will be available for serious nitrous and turbo applications. Any custom application is available as well. Choose your preferences: I-beam or H-beam, steel or titanium, top or bottom bolt, superlight, standard or severe duty. Any lengths or other custom dimensions available.



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