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Do I need the FUEL SEPARATOR?????

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Hi all,

Bought an '02 and just did the KLEEN Air labotomy. Put on Muzzy plates. Found out while I was doing it the guy who owned it before took off the fuel separator. That's the valve thingy that the 2 small hoses coming off the back of the fuel tank connect to. Should I buy a new one and put it back?

If not, what's the correct thing to do with the 2 hoses coming off the back of the gas tank?

There are 4 hoses on the separator - 2 go to those hoses, where do the other 2 go to? It looks like one goes to the carb on the right side and the other goes to the Kleen air pump. Is this correct?

All help is greatly appreciated.


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Does anyone know????

(can't get picture to go online).

It's part # 16165. Aparrently, it sits next to the rear brake reservoir.



Awesome info. Thanks, ZX1Ninja.

So bottom line is, I should put it back.

Why is it out? I'd say because the guy who sold me the bike told me he removed the Kleen Air system. Actually, he removed the fuel separator and left the Kleen Air system intact (and still working).

I bought the Muzzy plates and took the Kleen Air bad boy out myself. Then I started wondering where all those hoses went. Since I had taken the Kleen Air out (following some excellent instructions found on the board) and they made no mention of those vacuum hoses, yet the guy who sold me the bike told me he removed the Kleen Air, it didn't add up so I looked in my manual.

So now I want to know if I'd get better or worse performance if it were in or out. I now have the answer ZX1Ninja. Thanks again.

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I think this is the answer...

That's what I found - hanging drain hoses (or are they vacuum hoses) - one was plugged, one had a small piece of mesh over the end (so it could breathe).

As far as the canister in the tail goes - that's only for California bikes (well documented in the shop manual - which I have). If you don't have a California bike, there is nothing in the tail, just a small barrell shaped canister near the rear brake reservoir.

I went to the dealer last night to pick up some parts and look at the arrangement near the rear brake reservoir, and for the first time in 3 years, he didn't have a ZX-12R on the floor. That's my luck!

If anyone would be kind enough to take a photo of the arrangement of the fuel separator near the rear brake reservoir, it would really help.


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Re: bump

ZX1Ninja said:
There seems to be some confusion, or maybe it's just they way I am reading this. Nevertheless, the KLEEN Air system is not related to the fuel evaporative system except that it controls emissions. The two systems control entirely different emissions in entirely different ways and are not connected or dependent upon each other for proper operation.
Right you are - I was just putting it out there for laughs that the guy who sold me the bike took it off and told me he had removed the KLEEN air system - obviously, he didn't know what he was talking about.

ZX1Ninja said:
Also, as I stated in another thread about the KLEEN air system, and at the risk of starting yet another debate, I am a clean air advocate in that I believe we can have these high performance machines and still help keep the air we all breath clean. Moreover, while I do not personally think these controls should be removed, disabled or modified, the choice is ultimately yours. While I will not claim to know everything, I believe my 20 + years specializing in emissions control at least gives me some knowledge of the systems and their function that I am more than willing to help others with the understanding of them.
What he really did do is put on a Muzzy full Ti and a PCIIIR. Since it had the Kleen air still on, it backfired like crazy - so that's why I took it off. Now it backfires about one a week instead of once every 10 minutes.

Just out of curiosity - how much cleaner do you think the bike is with KLEEN air still on?

Also, I'm a clean air advocate (in a big way) and didn't think it would make that much difference with mods that had been done.

Finally, your post was the most helpful I have found, and I'll be ordering the fuel separator parts to put back on in the next couple of days.

THANKS in a big way :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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