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Easyrider's mods to date on 2000 ZX-12R

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- Hans Carbon Fiber Hugger (pending install)
- Hans Carbon Fiber Air Duct covers (pending install)
- Hans Carbon Fiber Monster Snorkel (pending install)
- Hans Carbon Fiber Fuse Cover (pending install)
- Akrapovic full system with Ti link pipe and Carbon Fiber Can.
- Muzzy aluminum fan (it still rattles at times)
- Home made heat shield where pipe exits the lower fairing just to be safe.
- Heat shield between top of engine and frame/air intake, keeps the intake cooler on hot days.
- Yellow Box Speedo Calibrator
- Scorpio Proximity/tilt sensor bike alarm
- Zero Gravity stock shape Dark Tint windscreen
- 2001 Clutch Actuator Arm
- 2001 Clutch springs
- Huge Industries dark tint turn signals
- Removal of Kleen Air system
- ZX-12R.org Sticker, it makes the difference in speed with equally matched bikes.
- Dynojet PCIIIR
- Goodridge Kevlar Brake lines (pending install, from SpencerCycle)
- DP HH+ Brake pads (pending spring install)
- Lightweight wheel spacers (pending install)
- ThrottleMeister cruise control (pending install)
- Halmeter AF30 A/F gauge and sensor (pending install)
- Philips VisionPlus H4 50% brighter bulbs with no more power draw (part# 12342)
- Stemstand Radar Detector mount and Stemstand GPS mount.

I have a number of parts that I need to bolt on, however with recent committments with the site, shirt deal, new house, reno's and preparing for a move, the bike project has been on hold until I get it in the new garage. I don't want to lose any parts during the move.

I am happy with all the parts I have chosen, the quality is excellent and I will give further feedback when I get them functional.
The Akrapovic pipe quality is amazing and the dyno with just the pipe was 178.5HP I am hoping for more with the Hans Snorkle and the PCIIIR with a custom map.

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BMC filters.
Metzler M1 front and rear tires.
Undertail from Canada. (pending)
Hugger carbenfiber. (pending)
Muzzy s/s carbon tail peace. (pending)
PC comaderIIIR. (pending)
Gaffer Front and rear brake lines.
EBC HH brake pads, front and rear.
Scropeo alarm/pager system.
Dubble Bubble tinted shield.
Carbon mirrors.

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