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Took the starter motor out the other day, cleaned it up etc.
Put it back on the engine, tried starting it and all it would do is "spin" with a fast grating noise, like it wasn't connected with the crank gear.

Tried refitting it to the engine a few times, pulled it apart a few times. Then did the staring at it and pictures in the manual for a long time.
Slowly the cogs in my brain began to turn and create a small spark of recognition...."something wrong with this picture".

Ah Hah!

The end cap of the starter motor that fits into the crank case hole had snapped off, and lodged in the crank case hole!
Time for another starter motor, if I can't find just the end cap.

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I like the staring at it statement....lol...I've done that many of times....but glad you got it figured out
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