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I'm planning on wrapping my stock exhaust with thermotec wrap in an attempt to decrease the heat transfer to the radiator from the header pipe and also just make my bike run cooler in general. I obtained another complete stock exhaust sytem from what i think was a 2001 model. My question is, are the different years interchangeable among the ZX12's stock exhaust? Mine is a 2000 model California spec bike. What I planned on doing was wrapping this other exhaust system and getting it all done, before i disassemble my bike, thus avoiding downtime. Will it work? I know I need to get the spray on stuff made by thermotec to coat the wrap after I apply it, since I live in a very humid climate, and sometimes get caught in the rain. Any tips and suggestions by anyone who's knowledgable about this would be greatly appreciated. And Blitz, if you're reading this.... I somehow lost the email u sent me regarding this and cant find it in my electronic filing cabinet, nor was I able to find it in the archives. ( i did look), so dont flame me too badly please! Thanks!

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As requested:

Here are my tips on wrapping the exhaust.

1) 50' of Thermotec 2" will leave you with about 6-8 ft. left over.

2) Order the smallest box of snap strips you can. These are the straps you use to secure the ends of the wrap.

3) Order the above from a place like Checker/Kraagen/Shucks. You'll save about $15 over a speed shop.

4) Do NOT wrap a Ti header. SS yes. Ti no. The Ti header will self destruct.

5) Wrap the header from the top down. The Akra has two pipes that come out from the collector. TAKE THEM OUT.

It is impossible to do a good wrap job with the pipe on the bike. Sucks, yes, but thats the reality.

6) DO NOT OVERWRAP. 2x all the way. What I mean by that is wrap and overlap only one time. I.e: never more than 2 plys of wrap, anywhere. Also, if you overwrap, the pipes will not fit back into the collector AND line up with the exhaust ports. Measure twice, cut once.

7) Do not soak the wrap. Use a spray gun to moisten it, but don't soak it.

7) Use the snap strips on all ends of the pipe. WEAR GLOVES. The snap strips are like razor blades. Pull them tight to about the pull you would use to pull a plastic zip tie.

<img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/glasses.gif ALT="8)"> The spray on sealer is used to seal the pores on the wrap. I've heard its a good idea if you have to drive in the rain alot. I rarely drive in the rain unless I absolutely have to.

The spray on sealer is described and can be found at: www.thermotec.com/tt/hiheat.html

Hope this helps.

- Blitz

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Thanks for the spray sealer info Blitz...I didn't put any on my wrap job. I will say though...I think from now on, I will be wrapping every bike.

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Will this stuff help my Legs??

I find that the 12 runs real hot and my legs get pretty cooked when riding in heavy traffic. :oops:
Will this thermotec stuff help keep my legs cooler?? :?:

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