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exhaust (yeah again)...honest opinions

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Does everyone really think the Akro is worth $400-500 more than an HMF/Hindle systems? I've not seen anything in person (other than a muzzy). I wondering, based on what I've seen, is the extra 2-4 HP worth the extra dough? That extra $ sure could buy a juice kit...

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Mantis007 said he got a dyno sheet with his system.

Does the other system's send out Dyno Sheet's, Maybe we could publish them here on site?


I'd like to see a sportbike mag, Do a test on all the pipe's and publish the finding's.

HP gain's

Loudness DB's

But then the mag's would have to stop talking about the GSXR 1000, Long enough to do something real.

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1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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