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FACTORY DYNO NUMBERS: ZX12 (nearly stock)

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REAR WHEEL BRAKE HP: 147.6 @ 10.5k


Factory Pro EC997a eddy current dynamometer (outside, in open trailer)


Vehicle: '00 ZX12

Exhaust: TRB Slip-on

Gearing: stock

Air box: stock

Air Filter: stock

Ignition: stock

FI: stock

Fuel: pump


Temp: 78F

Bar: 30.22

H20: 62

SAE Correction: 0.9852

Eng. Tachometer Ratio: 2.4290


RPM: 5985,6985,8009,8947,10017,10468,10926

MPH: 95,109,125,140,156,163,171

HP: 83.1,101.7,123.9, 134.3,147.4,147.6,146.2

ft/lbs: 72.9,76.4,81.2,78.9,77.3,74.1,70.3


Just for shits, I hooked up a PC3r with base map and discovered a loss of 7.5HP. Guy said the fact that bike is a 32bit processor and the PC3 is a 16bit processor makes a difference. The bike's timing information can't be read fast enough to process properly (or somthing like that), so it's difficult to get any more power into my stock bike using the base map unless he spends many hours figuring out the discrepancy. Could this be the case? I would conclude that on a stock or flange-on bike, a PC3r with base map for is shit, so don't use it or you'll lose 7.5 HP.

He did show me results for a full Muzzy with PC3r, and downloaded map from DynoJet that had significant gains. Then, he was able to add 5.5 HP up top after tweeking that DynoJet map.

My next step is to decide on a full system, Muzzy or Akropovich, and toss that fricken stock exhaust with flange in the trash.

'00 Red
South Florida</p>
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In stock form and breaking it in on the dyno I made 151 hp the Hindle made 10.7 hp and 3 more ft.lbs. that seems so long ago and definitly a long way from 255 hp and 142 ft.lbs it aint easy being me bahahahahaha.

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When ya gotta go, do it!</p>
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