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Factory seat & can(non)

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Both Gone. :cry:

Factory Can(non). Located in Omaha, NE Came with bike and I haven't looked at it since, but it is in perfect shape.

I also have a factory seat if anyone needs one. Still smells like new, you can check it out once you get it!
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if the seat is for a zx12 i would like it.i wrecked mine in the accident last year.
I'd be happy to give the seat to anyone who has participated in 'paying it forward'.

2) You can not request an item unless you have offered up an item as well. 1 Over the long run it would be good if the items offered are equivalent in value of items requested. This is an honour system, please do not abuse it. Requesting an item and then selling it on Ebay will ban you from being illegible for Pay it Forward in the future. It may even get you banned from the site.
i have given away all my spare stuff to anyone that asked for something i had..i have even made custom parts for people,and offered up free powder coating.i don't ever list stuff on pay it forward because its gone so fast.but i do have some more things to offer up..stock blinkers, tail light, chain guard, front brake lines, right handle bar and some zx9 stuff..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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