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first results with the Yosh EMS on the '02 model...

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Here it is. I definitely made the right decision with the Yosh EMS. It is very easy to install, a 10 year-old could do it. The software is very simple, straightfoward, and easy to use. You dont need to be a computer engineer to build a map or manipulate the timing. The sofware is adjustable while the bike is running and some of the advanced options are amazing. And the advanced options include a clutchless shifter, 3-way adjustable map switch that mounts on the handlebars and you can switch maps on the fly, and programmable shift light. Took fifteen minutes to install on the bike. Took fifteen minutes to build my first map(with the info I already knew about my fuel mixture). Took fifteen minutes to hook up the computer to the bike, download the map I built, and get it all running and on the road. And I had no idea what I was doing when I started.

I took it for a test ride after I loaded my first map and the difference wasn't much at first.(I started with some VERY conservative fuel adjustments) Went back and plugged it back in and then made some bigger changes(took 15 minutes) and then back on the road. This time the change was dramatic. The fuel curve leveled out much better and the flat spot at 4-4500(too lean at 3/4 to full throttle) was totally gone(I added 20% fuel at 4-4500 from 60% to full throttle). You could feel the difference in acceleration at that point dramatically different than before. Felt like a different bike. Much smoother power deliver without the surges in power. Wheelies seemed easier too. Went back and did one more adjustment on the fuel and timing. Seems to respond better with a little more advance down low and a little less fuel. I originally started with 0% change on both below 2500RPM. I am sure I will be adjusting the map on this thing many times before I am through experimenting. But with a 3-way map switch on the bars, it makes it easy to load three different maps to play with and compare them on the fly. I am ordering the map switch tomorrow. Man this thing is fun to play with.

By the way, the Yosh EMS is the same for the '02 as it is for the earlier models. It says '00-'01 on the package, but Yosh gauranteed me that it was the same for the '02 and the connections were all the same. The way it works is that it alters the stock ECU signal after the fact. Plugs inline with OEM connectors. No splicing of anything. Dynojet told me that the PCIIIr was different for the '02 than for the earlier models, thats why it wasn't available. Specifically told me that the connections were different on the '02. Guess what, the Yosh EMS fit just fine and the connections are the same as the '00-'01. Either the PCIIIr hooks up a different way than the Yosh EMS or they lied to me about it. But the Yosh works the same on all ZX12's.

So far, I have nothing but good things to say about the Yosh EMS. Nothing but bad things to say about my limited dealings with Dynojet(PCIIIr). Also, the Yosh EMS definitely fits the '02 and is available NOW! It is marginally more expensive than the PCIIIr but it has many more options. From everything I have heard about the PCIIIr, I believe the Yosh is a superior product. This has been my experience with the Yosh EMS on the '02 model so far. If I can think of anything negative to say I will post it but nothing but 4 star reviews at this point.

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BMW.... Workman has a Air/fuel gauge i believe and thats how he knows exactly what the bike is doing at all speeds and Revs..... and this is probably a bit better than a dyno because in 4th gear at 150 the dyno isn't pushin air in.

That is the setup i am shooting for. I just need to start saving my pennys...<img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/happy.gif ALT=":D">

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