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For the new arrivals, get a sticker and you can win prizes

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Anyone who has a ZX-12R.org sticker, shirt or cap is entered in monthly giveaways from companies that will exchange product for advertising.

Presently I still have one more Yellowbox digital speedo calibrator (this is a great product if you have not heard about it) to raffle off and monthly video's from Las Vegas Extremes which is a great video if you haven't seen it.

If you know of any companies that are willing to trade advertising for products that you would like to see raffled off then get them to contact me. We may as well use the popularity of the site to benefit the members as much as possible.

I am not quite half way there to the numbers I need to make a shirt/cap run but hopefully things will pick up before Christmas for presents.

Sticker details are on the main page of www.zx-12r.org

I hope this information answers some of the questions that I have been getting from people.

time to wash the beast and go for a ride up Mt Baker,


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