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Hi All

So over my December holiday break I jumped in and rebuilt the front calipers, fit Wezmoto braided lines and a set of wavy Arashi discs. The 12 had been sitting for a long time and most of the pistons had seized and the discs were quite warped as well.

Well after lots of blood, sweat, tears and under the breath swearing (a lot of that was just due to bleeding the brakes) it all feels a million times better. I do have a slight pulsing sensation when using the front brakes though. Any ideas what could cause that?

PS. The master cylinder needs to be replaced and I have read a multitude of threads about doing it but other than the ZX14 MC and some Brembo jobby, there aren't very many specific part numbers/models noted. Some mentioned a unit off the R1, but which model and or part number? The plan is to ride for a while still with the 6 pots but to get some brackets and replace them with radials at some point so would need to get a MC I can use with the Tokicos and the later upgrade.

Any thoughts?


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