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Front Snorkel on 2002 ZX12

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Has anyone heard if the front Snorkel on 2002 ZX12 will fit the others?????? I think it would look good on a Green one!!!! Hopefully mine........Richard

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Just remember guys, even if it does fit, Kaw did extensive testing in the wind tunnel on the ZX12 WE HAVE and the engineers fought and beat the advertising people who wanted to tone it down because in the wind tunnel the snorkel we have produced the absolute peak h.p.

There is a link which I have talked about before, in which the key people who designed the ZX12 let us inside their heads.

Check it out. Since we all seemed to be concerned with 1 hp here, 2 there, it would be a shame to loose 1, 2 or more just to change the look of the snorkel....

Call me mosquito boy.. check it out.


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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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