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FS: Complete Part-out 07/08 ZX6R (black)

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I have a bunch of Kawi parts for the ZX6R. Mainly years 03-08.

Here's a link to my 3d Flash page for my 07 ZX6R complete part-out. You can click on the magnifying glass icon to enlarge images.


You can click the link below to see my rep on the other forum.

Good Seller/Bad Seller

TEMP PARTS LIST (lots more to be added soon!!).

Frame: $800 (pending sale to ksouc77)

Rims: $300 (pending sale to TerribleOne923)

Swing Arm: $160 (pending sale to TerribleOne923)

Front Rotors: $40 (pending sale to te_nc)

Front Mirrors: SOLD

Taillight: SOLD

Complete OEM Fairing Kit: $1000

Gas Tank: $220

Wiring Harness: $140

ECU: $120

Rear Rotor: $30

Right Rear Set: $60

Left Rear Set: $60

Fuel Pump: $55

Speedo (2 available): $110

Complete Forks (upper + lowers + tubes): $230(pending sale to kawaslut)

Nissin Front Brake Calipers: $100 (sold to tyler37857)

Rear Brake Caliper: $60

Headlight Assembly: $200

Front Fairing Stay: $60

Ram Air Snorkel: $65

Snorkel Screen w/Rubber Trim: $12

Left Clip-On: $35

Right Clip-On: $35

Clutch Lever: $35

Kill Switch Assembly: $30

Headlight Switch Assembly: $30

Headers: $20

Mid Pipe: $20

Exhaust: $45

Exhaust Tip Cover: $20

Front Tire: $80

Rear Tire: $80

Sub Frame: $200

3 Piece Key Set: $160

Front Seat: $40

Tank Bracket: $20

Back Seat: $35

Front Left OEM Turn Signal: $15

Front Right OEM Turn Signal: $15

Rear Left OEM Turn Signal: $20

Rear Right OEM Turn Signal: $20

Bar Ends: $5

No Cut Frame-Sliders: $30

Chain Gaurd: $15

Tail light bracket: $20

Swing Arm Spools: $10

Rear Master Cylinder: $35

Front Master Cylinder w/ Lever: SOLD

Complete Engine part-out is also available. All the covers are clean!!! Make overs!

Clutch Cover: $70

Stator Cover: $70

Chain Cover: $25

Throttle Bodies: $150

Upper Casing: $175

Lower Casing: $175

4 Pistons + Rods: $120

Transmission w/ Shift Forks: $200

Cylinder Head: $180

Oil Pan: $75

Valve Cover: $20
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dibs on the front left turn signal if it is still available
dibs on the front left turn signal if it is still available
It is still available. My email is [email protected]. Please send zip for ship. You can call or txt me at 909.816.7186
@amoore16 Payment received!!
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