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FS: Complete Part-out 07/08 ZX6R (black)

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I have a bunch of Kawi parts for the ZX6R. Mainly years 03-08.

Here's a link to my 3d Flash page for my 07 ZX6R complete part-out. You can click on the magnifying glass icon to enlarge images.


You can click the link below to see my rep on the other forum.

Good Seller/Bad Seller

TEMP PARTS LIST (lots more to be added soon!!).

Frame: $800 (pending sale to ksouc77)

Rims: $300 (pending sale to TerribleOne923)

Swing Arm: $160 (pending sale to TerribleOne923)

Front Rotors: $40 (pending sale to te_nc)

Front Mirrors: SOLD

Taillight: SOLD

Complete OEM Fairing Kit: $1000

Gas Tank: $220

Wiring Harness: $140

ECU: $120

Rear Rotor: $30

Right Rear Set: $60

Left Rear Set: $60

Fuel Pump: $55

Speedo (2 available): $110

Complete Forks (upper + lowers + tubes): $230(pending sale to kawaslut)

Nissin Front Brake Calipers: $100 (sold to tyler37857)

Rear Brake Caliper: $60

Headlight Assembly: $200

Front Fairing Stay: $60

Ram Air Snorkel: $65

Snorkel Screen w/Rubber Trim: $12

Left Clip-On: $35

Right Clip-On: $35

Clutch Lever: $35

Kill Switch Assembly: $30

Headlight Switch Assembly: $30

Headers: $20

Mid Pipe: $20

Exhaust: $45

Exhaust Tip Cover: $20

Front Tire: $80

Rear Tire: $80

Sub Frame: $200

3 Piece Key Set: $160

Front Seat: $40

Tank Bracket: $20

Back Seat: $35

Front Left OEM Turn Signal: $15

Front Right OEM Turn Signal: $15

Rear Left OEM Turn Signal: $20

Rear Right OEM Turn Signal: $20

Bar Ends: $5

No Cut Frame-Sliders: $30

Chain Gaurd: $15

Tail light bracket: $20

Swing Arm Spools: $10

Rear Master Cylinder: $35

Front Master Cylinder w/ Lever: SOLD

Complete Engine part-out is also available. All the covers are clean!!! Make overs!

Clutch Cover: $70

Stator Cover: $70

Chain Cover: $25

Throttle Bodies: $150

Upper Casing: $175

Lower Casing: $175

4 Pistons + Rods: $120

Transmission w/ Shift Forks: $200

Cylinder Head: $180

Oil Pan: $75

Valve Cover: $20
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dibs on the front left turn signal if it is still available
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