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My honey says to me..."Let's go for a ride.." and I'm
slobering all over the 12...because wheelies are great,
and even better when you have a 100lb counterweight
on the rear...

But she says..."No way, I just want to cruise, so let's
take the chopper, a nice relaxed ride..."

Note: We have 6 bikes, the 12 a 9, two dirts, a CBX and
a brand new Bourget chopper..(680 miles)

So off we go taking it easy, around town 40 to 45mph,
and the frame breaks, back by the swingarm!!!

We cross three lanes of traffic, trying my best to hold
700 lbs of bike, with two riders on board, off the road
towards the ditch, lightpoles, fence etc...and finally
we get stopped...no one hurt!

$46,000, 690 miles, broken frame, almost get two killed.
It was NOT a failed weld, it was the frame material that
was too thin...1/8 plate, and it tore like a tin can...
I swear to God above, I will never ride anything but a
Jap bike again.

I called the manufacturer, and all they want to do is fix
the frame...I'm like..."Are you crazy?" I'll never get on
that thing again...they don't want to take it back...

Be sure to look for the full page ads coming out in
various bike magazines... that's what I plan to do
if they don't buy it back...

And Bourget supposedly makes the finest custom V twins
in the world...yeah.

How ironic it would be to ride the 12 all day long at
190mph, and then get killed going 40 on a chug a lug.......


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Get yourself a Lawyer and start a suit going!!!...That is a manufacturer defect!!! They are Liable!!!

As for you taking out adds in bike mags to say what happend to you...The mags wont let you do it!!!

You have to call them up and find out when they have an advertising campane showing there bikes to the public...Show up with the broken bike showing the people how shitty their bike is!!!...You will see how they will probably give you a brand new bike, then you can sell it and forget about what happend to you!!!

GoodLuck, glad that you and your wife didnt get HURT!!!


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Could have bought a Harley only to have the belt break<img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/laugh.gif ALT=":lol"> With Semi's on your butt. At rush hour. In the middle lane.

That suck's 238

If Jessie Jame's had a ZX12R I'd ride with him.


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Damn, I never thought that the bike mags would NOT
run an ad...I figured if you had the money to pay for
the ad, they would run it....maybe not.

How about sending an info pack to every Harley
dealer, so they could spread the word... It kills me
to KNOW that they have a serious/deadly design
flaw and don't really want to go to the expense
of recalling them to save a life...


Damn 238... Do what you can to get rid of that POS!!!

It's best to be presumed dumb than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt....</p>

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When we came to a stop, my honey said, "Are you sure
that I was the ONE who picked out this bike?" I said
to her, "Yep..." She said, "When we get home, will
you please kick my ass..."

At least she had a sense of humor...and the next day
she wanted to ride the 12...my new name for her is..

"My little counterweight"

It wheelies soooo good with a 100lb counterweight...

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