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Great Site, Great People!!

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Just a quick note regarding my experience(s) with this site. I hope I've put this note into the appropriate "Forum".

Although my first exposure to the ZX12 was on the road, over the last year or so, virtually everything I've uncovered, learned, and purchased has come about from the discoveries I've made on the ZX-12R.org web-site! I've learned the latest about tires, fuel, other motorcycles makes, riding techniques, bike accessories, and more. Certainly there are many other sites on the Web to go to regarding motorcycling, but I always find my self starting here (ZX-12R), and/or ending here(ZX-12R).

Another characteristic I find particularly rewarding about this site is the feeling of; for the lack of a better word, is the feeling of brotherhood. With all the diverse backgrounds; we have pilots, mechanics, lawyers, business people, engineers, motorcycle drag-racers, many different backgrounds, and there's still a real connection and feeling of something shared. There's something common being shared, more than just the ZX12, but the love of motorcycling in general. Even an occassional comming together to express sympathy and to wish a member well! It's a great site to spend time in.

In putting my money where my mouth is, check my "Bike Mod.s". All the items I've added to my 12 were first researched out on this web site (including researching the 12 before I purchased it). So far, I've got $14K in my bike w/mods. I'll spend more as I discover things that can either improve my 12 or improve my abilities to utilize what my 12 can do.

Best Regards

Scott Wells (Cherbm3) a.k.a. "Bomb"

[email protected]

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We do seem to keep eachother out of money, eh!!!!!

spending money on our bikes is what we do best!!
What he said! :)
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