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Green Joe Rocket Highside - GREEN!!

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If anyone is interested, I'm forwarding from www.newenough.com

This week we are having a GREEN SUIT SALE. Joe Rocket Highside one

piece (size 44 only) and a full size run of two piece suits for only

$349. This is even $116 less than our current closeout price on the

same suit in other colors. We also added a few other suits in colors

other than green.

If you are a green lover or you just don't care about colors that much,

this is your sale. To our friends out there who participate on Kawasaki

discussion boards; do us a favor and post a note about these suits.

Green is often hard to find at all, much less at a great price.

Visit here: www.newenough.com/closeoutsuits.htm

And thanks for shopping with us,

Paul and Holly Thompson

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