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Hello - first time poster and long time lurker with a terminal case of buying/building bikes, especially Kawas.
Collection includes:
1987 Honda Helix; custom paint, seat, a wing with LED, slight resto job and carb work
1987 Honda Elite 150; custom paint, slight resto job
1999 Honda VLX 600; lowered rear end, hydro-dipped peanut tank, open pipes, king queen seat, '85 Ninja 900 headlight and carb work
2007 Kawasaki Z1000; Two Brothers Slip-on
2012 Kawasaki Ninja 1000; 2014 Z1000 engine bolted to a mix of parts from 2010-2016 Ninja & Z1000s
1986 Ninja 1000R; my pride and joy, a lot of work on all parts of the bike from charging system, suspension, carbs, etc.

To my wife's dismay, construction has begun on another 1987 Ninja 1000R however it is using a ZX12R front end via a custom steering stem. Currently sorting out the rear suspension to utilize the much larger ZX12R rear wheel and tire. Hoping anyone with experience with these ZX900/ZL900//ZX1000/ZL1000/ZG1000 engines could chime in on compatibility with 1994-1996 GPZ1100E internals, blocks, heads. I believe the stroke for the ZX1000A (86-87) is the same as the ZX10 (1988-1989), ZX11, and GPZ1100E, I was wondering if I use the GPZ1100E cylinder block, which allows me to retain the side draft head/carb setup, would all the oiling, etc. passages line up with the crankcase and are the center to center points for the pistons the same?

Also if anyone knows any good shops to get head work and cylinder honing done at in the Chicago area, suggestions are appreciated. If anyone needs any info on my stable of projects, I'd be happy to give any info I can.


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